Our Home Decor

As I was walking through our first-time home with our home inspector, he asked me if I’d ever owned a home before. I told him that this would be our first. He laughed uneasily and said, “Well this will be quite the first!” We were 26 years old and full of naive energy. Our first home was a 100-year-old Victorian that had been badly renovated by some over-ambitious DIYers before us. It had wall-to-wall soiled mauve carpet on all three levels, but in my mind’s eye I could envision the heart-pine floors buried underneath! I was smitten with the millwork, chunky moldings, and gorgeous staircase, and looked past the sagging ceiling and aging roof. I knew I could make this house a home! Admittedly, our home inspector’s comment rattled my confidence a tad, but I figured we would somehow figure it all out as we went along. Here are 5 essential tips for new homeowners that I really wish I had known back then:  

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